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Head trainer and Bridge Road Barbell owner Phil, is a Poliquin PICP Level 1+2 Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Reps 3 Personal Trainer. He is also a certified Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner, and consequently highly qualified to construct nutritional and supplementation protocols to help fast track people to their goals.

The structural balance system and training protocols offered are second to none and much of the information he has acquired has come directly from Charles Poliquin, who is a World leader on training and nutrition. As well as his influences from Charles Poliquin, Phil follows closely the training systems at Elite Fts, Westside Barbell and Joe Defrancos gym to name just a few. These influences have helped Phil create his own strength & conditioning training methodology which he is continually adapting based on practical application.

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poliquin logoBiosignature Modulation (available with or without Training)

12 week programme (Consists of an initial 1hr consultation and 12 subsequent weekly 15-20 minute follow up appointments).

What if you could have access (without invasive medical examinations) to a host of information about your biological and hormonal profile, which will highlight what is limiting your progress? Diet, lifestyle habits and your environment are just some of the factors continuously impacting on your body every day, and Biosignature Modulation is a proven way of formulating an exact plan to help you speed up your rate of progress transforming your body.

Achieve a Body and Life you previously thought impossible.

BioSignature Modulation has been developed by world-renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin over the past 20 years. He has found scientific evidence, that where people store their body fat is an indication of their hormonal profile. (See BioSignature Modulation is a method to lose body fat and improve body composition from the specific areas by modulating hormones through exercise, nutrition & supplementation.

Love handles, beer belly, bingo wings, cellulite can all be reduced with BioSignature.

The assessment involves Body-fat caliper readings from 12 sites on the body and this information will indicate possible vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, sleeping habits, stress levels and much more.

Using this information a nutritional plan will be advised possibly suggesting suitable dietary supplements.

Whether losing fat, improving energy levels, developing strength, building muscle or any other physical goal, Biosignature is invaluable.

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poliquin logoFull Structural Balance Assessment by a certified Poliquin PICP Level 2 Coach

Structural Balance Assessment - £50 (£25 for reassessments)

What if you could have an exact anatomical assessment to establish on a detailed level (and also quantify) which areas of your body need the most work, and are slowing down your progress?

Have you ever wondered why some people can lift more weight than you can, or put muscle on where you struggle, or ever wondered as to the real cause of your aches and pains and recurring injuries are? After all we are only as strong as our weakest link, and an assessment can help figure out exactly where your weak link lies and give you ways to fix it.

Structural Balance is a term which describes the relationship between various muscle groups in the body, and their ability to function correctly. Through being assessed for structural balance we can ensure that training protocols are designed to correct muscle imbalances and prevent injuries.

This will comprise of two sessions. The first being a series of physical assessments which will provide information so as to locate weaknesses in your body which are holding you back. It will look at posture, flexibility, strength, joint mobility, and most importantly at how balanced your muscular system is. Using this invaluable information, corrective exercises will be prescribed to fix the problems which may show up.

The second session will comprise a review of the assessment, and provide demonstrations and practical application of the corrective exercises. It is highly advisable to get a Structural Balance Test done before embarking on any exercise programme, as any muscular imbalances and any other problems you may have, if left untreated, will seriously impair your ability to exercise and make progress.

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Strength & Conditioning Training Programmes

Strength & Conditioning Training Programmes are available for all individuals (both members and nonmembers alike). These range from £40 to £100 depending on the client’s needs and requirements. These will be tailored to the individual.

Programmes can include:

Online Coaching

Both Nutritional and Training Programmes can be provided online, and regular online contact to check progress is part of this system. Training programmes are designed on special software and can be emailed across if you are training at a distance. For more details on online coaching contact I would advise however that, if training at a distance, you seek out the help of a qualified PICP coach to help you with exercise technique so as to maximise your chance of success and to ensure you are not endangering yourself with improper technique.

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Personal Training / Individual Coaching

You would never consider operating on yourself if you needed surgery, so why take the risk of trying to prescribe yourself the right exercise, diet and nutrition plan to achieve your goals if you do not have the right training and knowledge? Especially with a sea of poor information out there, in magazines and on the Internet, how do you know you are choosing the right programme for you? Seeking out a professional coach will enable you to make the progress you are after, and in all honesty it can be highly dangerous to make it up as you go along or take advice from someone who is not properly qualified may in fact be somewhat delusional about their level of personal gym experience. Get a properly qualified coach to teach you the correct technique, who understands fully the methodology which will get you, as fast as possible, to your target.

Both Biosignature Modulation and Training are available separately; however the best way to maximise your results and achieve your goals in the quickest time possible is to combine top training methodology and high class nutritional and supplementational advice.

Whether you choose PT, Biosignature or both, for the duration of your package you are granted access to Bridge Road Barbell Gym as a temporary member. This gym has the tools and environment to get you the results you want and there is no better gym in the area for you to train at. Initial consultation for PT is £40. This however is fully refundable if you then buy a package of sessions and/or Biosignature programme. We do not charge by the hour, we charge by the job. Therefore tailored packages are created based on the client’s exact requirements, training frequency availability, goals, and any specific time frame. So if a client comes wanting to drop a stone in 6 weeks prior to their wedding, a tailored package is created to get them the best results in that time. Clients can specify training frequency from once per week up to 5 or 6 times per week depending on requirements, and the higher the training frequency the greater the discount. Phone or Email today to enquire and take one step closer to getting the body you have always wanted.

Introduction to Personal Training Packages

These are great for those who are unsure if Personal Training is for them, or those just starting or getting back into training who need a kick start and some guidance early on.

Package 1 - 2 Personal Training sessions for only £50.
Package 2 - 5 Personal Training sessions for only £100.

Please note:
1) Introductory packages have a 2 week expiry on them.
2) Introductory packages are highly price discounted. These do not reflect any hourly rate.
3) Each person only qualifies for one introductory package and if they wish to continue then further sessions are full price.

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Workshops and Seminars

Here at Bridge Road Barbell we regularly run workshops and seminars looking at lift technique, differing training methods, flexibility, and many more topics. They are aimed at educating our athletes and members so we can ensure they make the most progress possible. As Fred Hatfield (aka Dr Squat) indicates in his book Power, it is essential to take a thorough and scientific approach to training if one wants to make substantial continuing progress.

These workshops are essential for all those serious about their training. They cost normally in the range of £10-15 for an afternoon of technical advice and practical coaching. We have run two highly successful seminars on the bench press and the Squat recently (Summer 2011) which were received very well by those who attended.

Check my news page for upcoming events and seminars

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Health and Fitness Assessments

Testing session looking at any combination of the following: Strength, speed, agility and muscular endurance testing, VO2 max., BMI, weight, skin fold measurements, blood pressure, flexibility, and many other qualities.

These tests are tailored to the individual depending on requirements and training goals.

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