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Strength & Conditioning Gym Classes

Kettlebell Classes
7.50 per session or 25 for 5 sessions.

Currently running two Kettlebell Classes:

Monday 7.30pm - 8.15pm
Thursday 7.45pm - 8.30pm

These classes are for a maximum of 8 people but providing a minimum of 4 people are interested additional classes can be arranged.

Available for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels.

If you have 3 friends who are also interested in trying this excellent form of weight management and fitness training then you have enough for a class so contact me to arrange a suitable time for your first class.

Please email for more details.

Strongman Saturdays
7.50 per session of 25 for 5 sessions

These are arranged upon demand. These are a mixture of conditioning circuits and strongman training events to suit all levels. Please do not be put off by the name. These circuits can be for people of all fitness and strength levels and abilities and both men and women alike.

Saturday Morning Bootcamp
7.50 per session or 25 for 5 sessions

Arranged on demand. A new take on an old favourite. Weather permitting these sessions will be primarily outside in the car park, using sleds and a selection of functional and strongman training equipment.

This is the most effective weight loss class in the area. Excellent for those wanting to boost their fitness and shed those extra pounds.

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