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About Us

Bridge Road Barbell Club is a new strength & conditioning gym opened in 2010, which is geared at people who take their fitness training seriously. The gym has been set up to cater to Powerlifters, Strongmen, Athletes of all kinds, and members of the public looking for something more interesting and effective than their commercial gym can offer. You won't find rows of treadmills or cross trainers, but what you will find are prowler sleds, tyres, dragging sleds, ropes, chains, bands, chalk, power racks, benches, plyo boxes, platforms, pulley systems, kettlebells, and a good selection of strongman equipment. All of which can be used by absolute beginners to exercise, all the way through to serious competitive athletes.

There are no frills at this gym and there is no messing about. We don't have fancy dress days, and we don't hold 'legs bums and tums' classes, but no matter what your age, sex, strength, or ability, if you have it in you to push yourself and work hard, then you are always welcome here.

Adam Collins writes...

"I decided that I needed to improve my strength and conditioning. I had been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and needed to go somewhere locally that wasn't a massive over the top gym, where you are friends with the instructors and you don't necessarily get results.

I met Phil and told him what I would like to achieve and I honestly believe we are getting there with improvements already in my strength when I train BJJ. The good thing about Phil is that he doesn't let you quit even when you don't think you can lift more his confidence makes you believe you can and you try harder.

The great thing about the gym is it's a no nonsense place, there is no TV's with mtv playing and loads of treadmills. It's weights, sledges and benches basic simple stuff that get's results".


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