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Bridge Road Barbell Club of Camberley, Surrey, UK is a strength & conditioning gym which is geared to people who take their fitness training seriously. The gym has been set up to cater for Powerlifters, Strongmen, Athletes of all kinds, and members of the public looking for something more interesting and effective than their commercial fitness gym can offer. You won't find rows of treadmills or cross trainers, but what you will find are prowler sleds, tyres, dragging sleds, ropes, chains, bands, chalk, power racks, benches, plyo boxes, platforms, pulley systems, kettlebells, and a good selection of strongman equipment. All of these can be used by absolute beginners to exercise, all the way through to serious competitive athletes. There are no frills at this gym and there is no messing about. We don't have fancy dress days, and we don't hold 'legs bums and tums' classes, but no matter what your age, sex, strength, or ability, if you have it in you to push yourself and work hard, then you are always welcome here. Regardless of your goal, I have the ability to improve your physique and physical performance.

Bridge Road Barbell Club is owned by Phil Horwood,
National Level Strength and Conditioning Specialist (PICP 1+2 Charles Poliquin Certified) &
REPS Level 3 Registered Personal Trainer.

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Service Overview

Head trainer and Bridge Road Barbell owner Phil, is a Poliquin PICP Level 1+2 Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Reps 3 Personal Trainer. He is also a certified Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner, and consequently highly qualified to construct nutritional and supplementation protocols to help fast track people to their goals. (Please see Services for more on Biosignature Modulation).

The structural balance system and training protocols offered are second to none and much of the information he has acquired has come directly from Charles Poliquin, who is a World leader on training and nutrition. As well as his influences from Charles Poliquin, Phil follows closely the training systems at Elite Fts, Westside Barbell and Joe Defrancos gym to name just a few. These influences have helped Phil create his own strength & conditioning training methodology which he is continually adapting based on practical application.

  • Gym Memberships
  • Personal Training
  • Biosignature Modulation
  • Strength & Conditioning Training Programmes
  • Individual, Group & Team Coaching
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Group classes
  • Strongman Training Days
  • Structural Balance Testing
  • Health and Fitness Assessments
  • Nutritional Advice

Dan Mays of Hampshire writes...

"As a Rugby player I take my conditioning very seriously. However, recently I found I was hitting a plateau in the gym. After hearing good things from other players I approached Phil to see if he could help me improve. Phil observed and changed my technique on all of my lifts and set me up with a 10 week programme focusing on hypertrophy and then strength.

After using Phil's advice and religiously sticking to the programme my strength shot through the roof. I saw huge gains in all of my 'powerlifts' my max bench went from 95 to 140, squat went from 150 to 180 and deadlift went from 160 to 200.

And the gains in the gym are now starting to transfer onto the pitch. I would highly recommend Phil to any competitive athlete, who takes their training and physical preparation seriously."

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